BOX TOPS - Let’s start off the school year with a fantastic collection!

posted Sep 12, 2014, 9:48 AM by Nanette Jarvis   [ updated Nov 21, 2014, 12:51 PM ]



    Box Tops 

    In recent years, Carmel Elementary School has earned over $1,000 from the Box Tops for Education Program. We would like to earn a lot more. We just need your help!

    Thank you to everyone who clipped and collected Box Tops this past year. we topped $1,100 in the 2013-14 school year. Our summer collection contest ended and the winner was  a first grader named Izabella, she collected 189 Box Tops!    

Have questions about Box Tops?
Well, here are answers to some questions we’ve been hearing -

Do we have to tape or glue the Box Tops to the collection sheets?

No. Feel free to use the collection sheets, but if it’s easier to just collect them in a bag, that’s great too. We’ll take them any way we can get them! Just make sure to mark your child’s name in order for them to be counted toward the monthly winner.

What do we do with the Box Tops once we’ve clipped them?
Where do we take them?

There are several options. You can send them in backpack mail with your child. Or, you can drop them off in the collection box in the front hallway at the school.

How do we get ‘bonus Box Tops’?

Sign up at and designate Carmel Elementary School in Carmel, ME. That earns bonus Box Tops for CES. Then check out the Box Tops website while you’re there. Play the free online games — more bonus Box Tops. Visit the ‘Click and Earn’ page for even more bonus opportunities. We’ll feature more ways to earn bonus Box Tops here  as we hear about them.

Here are some other current opportunities for bonus Box Tops:

  • Do you shop at Sam’s Club?  Check out your receipt. There is a 4-digit code at the bottom. Enter that code on the Click & Earn page at for 5 bonus Box Tops. 
  • WalMart is offering 4 Box Tops on many products. Watch for those extra Box Tops!